Sunday, July 27, 2008

Backing up ArchLinux to USB Thumb Drive

I have to say, I'm loving ArchLinux. In my opinion, it has wonderful package management, a rolling-release model (you never have to download the latest ISO to upgrade), wonderfully community docs and support, etc.

But, like any distro, it's required a few tweaks to get things working properly with my particular laptop, an Everex StepNote ST5340T. Over the last few months, I've made tweaks here and there, and if I had to start over with a fresh install, I'd be sad. In particular, the laptop's wireless and suspend features needed tweaking to get them to work right.

This post is about backup solutions. After a little research, I came accross this site, and decided to go with dar. Here is my bash script which will backup everything (except for that which I don't want backed up) to my usb thumb drive. It's a 2GB thumb drive, and the backup takes 1.4GB. Pretty cool huh? I'm impressed.

pacman -Scc
dar -v --alter=atime --empty-dir --fs-root / --noconf --create /media/usb/ backup08-Jul-27 -z6 -an -X "*.ogg" -X "*.avi" -X "*.mp?" -X "*.pk3" -X "*. flac" -Z "*.zip" -Z "*.tgz" -Z "*.gz" -Z "*.gzip" -Z "*.bz2" -Z "*.bzip2" -Z "*.mov" -Z "*.rar" -Z "*.jar" --prune lost+found --prune media --prune proc -- prune mnt --prune sys --prune home/gdw/music --prune home/gdw/pics

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