Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Source: 1776 p 271
"Will it not be possible": Joseph Reed to George Washington, December 22, 1776 in PGW, VII, 415

It was time something was done. Something aggressive and surprising.  Even failure would be preferable to doing nothing.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Move /var to its own (logical) partition in LVM

(all this using Oracle EL 5, aka RHEL 5...)

From memory, so there may be errors:

  1. Boot off of the installation cd using "linux rescue"
  2. Unmount all of the drives in /mnt/syslinux
    • Note: Before unmounting /mnt/syslinux itself, you must unmount all of the mountpoints within it.
  3. $ resize2fs /dev/VolGroup00/ 5G
  4. ... boot back into regular linux ...
  5. $ lvreduce -L 6GB /dev/VolGroup00 (answer yes)
  6. $ lvcreate -L 10G -n var VolGroup00
  7. ... boot back into rescue mode ...
  8. mkdir /mnt/var
  9. mkfs -t ext3 /dev/VolGroup00/var
  10. mount -t ext3 /dev/VolGroup00/var/ /mnt/var
  11. mv /mnt/syslinux/var* /mnt/var
  12. (edit fstab so that it mounts the new logical volume to /var)
  13. resize2fs /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 (remember how I made this 5Gb when the LV was 6GB?)
  14. reboot!

On rebooting, syslogd had a problem starting. (Running in debug mode, it would complain of "permission denied" to /var/log/secure and all other log files).  It was an SELinux problem and was remedied by relabeling the filesystem.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Basic .hgignore for web2py

This should do the trick!

syntax: glob

syntax: regexp